November 08, 2005

The case against for me boils down to smear and evasion

Whilst raving delusions about how the non-existance of any problems with MMR is somehow a conspiracy against her. The case against me boils down to smear and evasion she says, no Melanie the case for you boils down to smear and evasion: "At the heart of the MMR vaccine controversy is an attempt to blind people with science. Proponents of the vaccine say science has proved it is safe and that those who deny this are scientifically illiterate."Well lets face it you are, the problem is nto that people are binded by science but that certain journalists are blind of science. All the evidence says MMR is safe, which she even admits in her article writing:
Since then the government has pointed to a succession of epidemiological studies that, it says, prove that MMR is safe. A recent meta-study by the Cochrane Library was likewise reported to have said that fears about the vaccine were based on "unreliable evidence".
But what do you expect from a Daily Mail journalist?


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